Why I Season My Cutting Board, NOT My Steak

  • Published: 09 May 2019
  • Just like a dry sponge absorbs water, meat will (to an extent) absorb liquid as it cools. So, instead of flavoring your steak before you cook it (or in the pan while it cooks), you can simply flavor the cutting board with seasoning, citrus, herbs, butter — anything you'd like. Rest the steak on the board, then slice it thin and toss it in its own juices and your flavorings. The meat will suck everything up and deliver the goodness TO YOUR BELLY.

    Here's the classic J. Kenji López-Alt article I mentioned in the video about why you should season your steak at least 40 minutes in advance, IF you're going to season in advance: https://www.seriouseats.com/2011/03/the-food-lab-more-tips-for-perfect-steaks.html

    MY COOKING PHILOSOPHY: I don't like weighing or measuring things if I don't have to, and I don't like to be constantly checking a recipe as I cook. I don't care that volume is a bad way of measuring things — it's usually easier. I like for a recipe to get me in the ballpark, and then I like to eyeball and improvise the rest. If you're like me, my goal with these videos is to give you a sense of how the food should look and feel as you're cooking it, rather than give you a refined formula to reproduce.
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  • Adam Ragusea
    Adam Ragusea   5 months back

    Q: Is that steak raw inside?
    A: Nah. It is on the rare side, which is how I like it. One thing I've learned since I started making videos (I'm a radio guy) is that cameras lie, especially about color. You can't trust the colors you see in a video. I can make some tiny tweaks to a filter or a light, and a steak will go from pink to red to gray without actually changing. Keep watching my videos, though, and I'll be able to afford a nicer camera with better color reproduction. I'm shooting on a real cheap DSLR with a kit lens.

    Q: Is that steak burned on the outside?
    A: Nah, see the above answer. Cameras tend to make dark brown look black. That's one of the reasons why food stylists do crazy stuff like painting food with shoe polish or whatever to make it look brown.

    Q: Will this method work with other meats?
    A: Yeah, anything you would consider slicing thin before eating.

    Q: Why not season the outside of the meat before cooking? Won't that make it taste better?
    A: Seasoning the outside right before cooking will definitely result in a salty crust, which can be nice. But with this recipe, I'm going to toss the steak in its own juices, which would redistribute the salt from the crust to the entire surface area of the meat anyway, so there simply isn't any point. And seasoning right before cooking absolutely will not flavor the interior of the meat. Kenji's experiments showed that it takes at least 40 minutes for salt to draw moisture out of raw meat, dissolve into the moisture, and then be reabsorbed. You should try his method sometime, which basically involves seasoning the meat the day before.

    Q: Are you sure the pieces are really absorbing the surrounding liquid?
    A: I think so! The commercial meat industry refers to this phenomenon as "pick-up." At the same time, though, I'm sure what's also happening is the "sauce" is congealing as it cools and is simply sticking to the surface of each piece. That's a desirable result, too, right? So I figure, who cares how much of either factor is at play?

    Q: Didn't you already make a video about this?
    A: The first food video I ever made, about a year ago, was a more complicated version of this recipe. I wanted to do it again, now that I'm a little better at making videos. Gonna redo my old roast chicken one, too. June 6.

    Q: Will you ever cook any damn vegetables?
    A: Yes! I've been waiting for stuff in my garden to ripen before I do a bunch of vegetable recipes.

    • stuntmonkey00
      stuntmonkey00  1 days back

      Ok, I tried this tonight and I think I know what's really happening. Is the meat picking up the juice from the board?.... maybe a little bit...? I did mine like the way Adam did and still had juice running out after resting.... but that was actually okay and here's why. Check out Adam's other board dressings: butter, acid (lemon) herbs... he's making a beurre blanc, only instead of the wine, the liquid being emulsified into the buttery is the beef juice itself. So basically, you have the steak in a lemony/herby/beefy buttery sauce dressing that clings to the steak. It's a nice change from the really deep and rich pan sauces built up from the fond.

    • 370HSSV
      370HSSV  1 days back

      Adam Ragusea this guy made my essay

    • Doomsday 12
      Doomsday 12  4 days back

      Adam Ragusea: my one question, is this method good or better than the typical seasoning method

    • Jay Ar
      Jay Ar  5 days back

      I choose not to eat meat because I'm vegan and better than you (Cry more)

    • Zara Ellis
      Zara Ellis  2 weeks back

      I personally like steak well done so to me that steak is raw

  • yashvardhan mahecha
    yashvardhan mahecha  1 hours back

    eau de Citron !! Bravo!!

    • Logan Smiley
      Logan Smiley  6 hours back

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      • lucent paradise
        lucent paradise  6 hours back

        Next video: why I eat my cutting board. Not my steak

        • nathan c
          nathan c  7 hours back

          *Why I season my sponge, not my steak*

          • Joe Davola
            Joe Davola  7 hours back

            Mmmmmm. Raw rosemary. I love the texture of pine needles with my steak. 🙄

            • sunny
              sunny  8 hours back

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              • Uriah
                Uriah  9 hours back

                Why I season my water then my food

                • babischan
                  babischan  9 hours back

                  Gordon Ramsay: are you fucking dreaming?

                  • OsamaBinStrappin
                    OsamaBinStrappin  10 hours back

                    Video about meat starts off talking about a Sponge.

                    • Panama Bajapanti
                      Panama Bajapanti  10 hours back

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                      • Pyro
                        Pyro  11 hours back

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                        • Marl Kalone
                          Marl Kalone  11 hours back

                          I prefer to season my mouth, eat the steak raw, and then light myself on fire.

                          • ItzJeff
                            ItzJeff  12 hours back

                            Who the fuck puts plants on steak? I just cook the meat, gravy on top and a bunch of salt

                            • Tom
                              Tom  12 hours back

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                                SlyRecon  12 hours back

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                                  Petra J  12 hours back

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                                    Michael Donnan  12 hours back

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                                      Gomez1915  14 hours back

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                                      • mnev 316
                                        mnev 316  14 hours back

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                                        • no a
                                          no a  14 hours back

                                          If you season the meat in the middle of the process, you can still taste the flavour of the seasoning, just that you don't taste it as much as it does if you use ur technique/method. The method/technique that you use is better if you want more taste from the seasoning. But if you are like me, and don't like it when there's too much seasoning, you should instead start season it in the middle of the process. One more tip, if you are grilling the meat, use a lot of pepper. It will increase the flavour of the meat.

                                          • Darren Fuerst
                                            Darren Fuerst  16 hours back

                                            Why i cook the salt before i eat the seasoning

                                            • Noah
                                              Noah  16 hours back

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                                                xkoreaa  16 hours back

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                                                • yoxredwolf
                                                  yoxredwolf  16 hours back

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                                                  • Auto Driven
                                                    Auto Driven  16 hours back

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                                                      I need a waifu  17 hours back

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                                                      • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown

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                                                        • 『 Verite 』
                                                          『 Verite 』  19 hours back

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                                                            Craig Tucker  19 hours back

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                                                              Felix Bedard  21 hours back

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                                                                Thanos Patrick  21 hours back

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                                                                  Niek Esselbrugge  23 hours back

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                                                                          Jay Roy  1 days back

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                                                                            The Gaming Cow  1 days back

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                                                                              Lukas Jameson  1 days back

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                                                                                JaceFN  1 days back

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                                                                                    Zio  1 days back

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                                                                                      Bert Dahlman  1 days back

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                                                                                        • Frank Sotelo
                                                                                          Frank Sotelo  1 days back

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                                                                                          • Kelsey Smith
                                                                                            Kelsey Smith  1 days back

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                                                                                              Nikolas Stoebick  1 days back

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