Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

  • Published: 11 July 2019
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Comments • 131 763

  • Riz Nae Slime
    Riz Nae Slime  1 minutes back

    Billie at 17: 20million dollars
    Me at 17: watching concert's on yt cause Can't afford to go

    • Adiba Almas
      Adiba Almas  2 minutes back


      • Silvinha Mafra
        Silvinha Mafra  4 minutes back


        • Haydle Anderson
          Haydle Anderson  5 minutes back

          Omfg, i dont like it.

          • Алиса Кравченко

            Смири иска о. Лигнин. Шишигги

            • Signe Olsson Fisk
              Signe Olsson Fisk  8 minutes back

              Billie: singing with like no autotune

              Justin: *autotune has entered the chat*

              • AnimeIs NotGood
                AnimeIs NotGood  9 minutes back

                JB is a mumble singer now!

                • 我是欣欣欣
                  我是欣欣欣  9 minutes back


                  • bonnie games
                    bonnie games  9 minutes back

                    99% of people are commenting about Justin's WHOOAOAOAOAOA thing...
                    50% people commenting about who is better........

                    Let's be honest here im just being funny to get likes ok

                    Edit:ok I know that nothing is funny but WHATEVER

                    • Jems Jaonarison
                      Jems Jaonarison  10 minutes back

                      mahazo tsirony

                      • Mira Walinga
                        Mira Walinga  11 minutes back


                        • ghfwdt
                          ghfwdt  11 minutes back

                          Ugh I hate when JB does shit like this. The same thing happened when he got on Despacito- he made a great song sound awful and now he’s doing the same with Bad Guy. Someone please tell him to stop messing with perfection🤦‍♂️

                          • Only_Nightmare
                            Only_Nightmare  11 minutes back

                            I’m only here for the SKRRRT

                            • Angie Ortiz
                              Angie Ortiz  11 minutes back

                              nope im out

                              • Ebony Gledhill
                                Ebony Gledhill  12 minutes back

                                Justin ruins it no one likes Justin Billie your the best have same yellow track suit as you love u so much xx

                                • Ideafix
                                  Ideafix  13 minutes back

                                  Vas a caer Gerardo ctmre págale a Rubí kgon de mierda, hábil te crees ctmre

                                  Ah no aquí no era :v

                                  • FdL Toasty
                                    FdL Toasty  14 minutes back

                                    Why does Justin sound like every male youtuber that covers songs

                                    • Princess Gigi
                                      Princess Gigi  14 minutes back

                                      as much as i refuse to listen to jb he sounds like an angel

                                      • sega
                                        sega  15 minutes back

                                        Auto tune!!!!!

                                        • Madénia Prévost
                                          Madénia Prévost  16 minutes back

                                          I prefer the original one

                                          • 神zKBlank
                                            神zKBlank  18 minutes back

                                            Producer: How much autotune?
                                            Justin: Woahohoohohoo

                                            • Boy Zagoto
                                              Boy Zagoto  18 minutes back

                                              I love Billie, big no for JB!!!

                                              • Why don’t we Fan
                                                Why don’t we Fan  19 minutes back

                                                "Soo icey"

                                                • 神zKBlank
                                                  神zKBlank  19 minutes back


                                                  • Why don’t we Fan
                                                    Why don’t we Fan  19 minutes back


                                                    • 神zKBlank
                                                      神zKBlank  20 minutes back

                                                      "Proud of Billie. Remix our now." —Justin Bieber

                                                      • jaileen santiago
                                                        jaileen santiago  21 minutes back

                                                        I'll stick with original version.. but no hate this version is really good too i just prefer the original version hehe ( ;

                                                        • yoo yoo
                                                          yoo yoo  23 minutes back

                                                          Why is nobody talk Ing about this really cuteeeee Pic of Billie?

                                                          • JosephX GD
                                                            JosephX GD  24 minutes back

                                                            This voice of my dogger ':v

                                                            • Pragya Mehra
                                                              Pragya Mehra  25 minutes back

                                                              Justin and Billie - beautiful couple ⭐🔥😍❤❤❤

                                                              • efuli i
                                                                efuli i  26 minutes back

                                                                TÜRKLER NEREDESİNİZ? 🇹🇷

                                                                • Pung syl
                                                                  Pung syl  28 minutes back

                                                                  Justin illuminati guys Hell

                                                                  • Incognitos Incognitos
                                                                    Incognitos Incognitos  29 minutes back

                                                                    This is shit.

                                                                    • Shannon Wyn
                                                                      Shannon Wyn  30 minutes back

                                                                      Justin ruined this song 😴

                                                                      • AdinDa Dora .
                                                                        AdinDa Dora .  30 minutes back

                                                                        Justin is bad guy

                                                                        • Josephine Sobrian
                                                                          Josephine Sobrian  31 minutes back

                                                                          WAT THE WOW LUL

                                                                          • sir crocodile
                                                                            sir crocodile  32 minutes back

                                                                            Is that jojo😂😂😂

                                                                            • WilkieCZ
                                                                              WilkieCZ  33 minutes back

                                                                              Congration girl! You did it! 🖤

                                                                              • Amanda Martins
                                                                                Amanda Martins  34 minutes back

                                                                                The best💎

                                                                                • Lílian Miranda
                                                                                  Lílian Miranda  34 minutes back

                                                                                  LISTEN "OZUNA FEAT ANITTA - MUITO CALOR" 🇧🇷🔥🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

                                                                                  • 酢酸
                                                                                    酢酸  36 minutes back


                                                                                    • Denis Soreng
                                                                                      Denis Soreng  36 minutes back

                                                                                      Jb: m a bad guy
                                                                                      😁: Yes u are

                                                                                      • 石ノ森あいこ
                                                                                        石ノ森あいこ  38 minutes back

                                                                                        wtf Justin sounds like he can be a vocaloid xd Btw Its an amazing song anyways. <3 ily Billie uwu

                                                                                        • Pedro Samuel Ramirez Loor
                                                                                          Pedro Samuel Ramirez Loor  38 minutes back

                                                                                          Fuck now the fucking justin bieber has ruined the song

                                                                                          • Evelin Siqueira
                                                                                            Evelin Siqueira  38 minutes back


                                                                                            • Varshan
                                                                                              Varshan  40 minutes back

                                                                                              ew his voice spoiled the song

                                                                                              • theNTHNword
                                                                                                theNTHNword  41 minutes back

                                                                                                Wow we have the same birthday that's cool

                                                                                                • Amreet pyare
                                                                                                  Amreet pyare  44 minutes back

                                                                                                  Not going good with this song